Road of Sorrow

A brand new release from the Family Pride collection of music! This has some wonderful originals as well as beloved traditional songs!

1. Road of Sorrow
2. It Took Your Blood
3. Latest Buzz
4. Send Me Your Pillow
5. Close the Door Lightly
6. Paint the Town
7. Winds of Fall
8. Going Back to Carolina
9. Little Bird of Heaven
10. Chawahwah Chomp
11. The Girl in the Valley
12. Somebody Loves You Darling
13. Beware
14. Steel Guitar Rag
15. Unfaithful One
16. Roller Coaster


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Contact: Buzz Matheson
Phone: 330-637-8119


Contact: Buzz Matheson
Phone: 330-637-8119


Move Over Merle

Here comes Jesse - Bluegrass Style

If you're looking for a Bluegrass Style for Merle Haggard's classics, you'll love hearing this brand new CD. It will bridge the gap for country folks who like low singing and electric music into bluegrass with it's acoustic sound and harmonies.

1. Ramblin' Fever
2. Sing Me Back Home
3. Kentucky Gambler
4. The Bottle Let Me Down
5. Daddy Frank
6. Mama Tried
7. Make it Thru December
8. Working Man Blues
9. Bonnie and Clyde
10. Branded Man
11. Hickory Hollow Tramp
12. Big City
13. The Fugitive


 Live Stage Show at Bluegrass Junction
and WWVA Jamboree With 4 originals

Family Pride

1- All Because of You
2- Steel Guitar Rag
3- Sitting on Top of the World
4- It took all his Blood
5- All Aboard
6- Patriotic 5 String
7- You take my Breath Away
8- Timewarp
9- Last Trip to the Mountain
10- Rawhide
11- Little Bird of Heaven
12- Trouble Times
13- Chi-Wah, Wah, Chomp
14- Bluegrass Mountain Girl
15- Evangelina
16- Just as Long as You Love Me

Banjo & Frailing Banjer - Buzz Matheson
Mandolin - Mitch Meadors
Rhythm Guitar - Ronnie Bonkowski
Dobro - Cindy Matheson
Bass Fiddle - Pat Matheson
All original tunes #6 through #9 and #12
Written and played
All instruments ­ Buzz
Pat on Bass
Vocals: Ron ­ Lead on #1, #4 and #7
Cindy ­ Lead on #7 and #9
Mitch ­ Lead on #3 and #8
Buzz ­ Lead on #5, #9 and #12
Pat ­ Lead on #11
Cindy; Tenor, Mitch and Pat; Baritone

Contact Buzz at 330-637-8119


Live CD, Records at Bluegrass Junction 2004

 Family Pride Bluegrass Band

1- Going Back to the Blueridge Mountains
2- Dark Hollow
3- Chilly Winds of Fall
4- Dreaming
5- Bo, Bo Blues
6- On my Way Back to You
7- Made for each Other
8- Sitting on Top of the World
9- Pan Handle Count
10- Toil, Tears and Trouble
11- Gone, Gone, Gone
12- Going Back to Country
13- Goodbye and So Long to You
14- Clinch Mountain Back Step
15- Is It True?
16- Little Bird of Heaven
17- All Because of You
18- Don't Need your 9 lb. Hammer
19- Your Love is Dying
20- Blueridge Mountain Girl
21- Band Introduction
22- Banjo in the Hills
23- All Aboard
24- Goodbye and So Long to You

Contact: Buzz Matheson
Phone: 330-637-8119
 Old Mountain Style
Frailing Banjer Tunes

1 - Last trip to Mountains
2- Old Plank Road
3- Little Bird of Heaven
4- Maggie's Farm
5- Hymn Medley
6- Black Eyed Suzie
7- Little Liza Jane
8- Maggie
9- Cindy
10- Dar Dar Boogie

Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar ­ Buzz Matheson
Bass Fiddle ­ Pat Matheson

All frailing banjo except first and last which are originals.

Contact: Buzz Matheson
Phone: 330-637-8119


1- Used to Be to You
2- Lonesome Pines
3- Told Them All About You
4- Sweet Sally
5- Don't Close your Eyes
6- Samantha
7- John Hardy
8- Better Do Better
9- It Doesn't Matter Anymore
10- Old Kentucky Home
11- Me and the Juke Box
12- Hoping your Hoping
13- You Still Call Me Baby
14- Grandchildren's Medley

Rosewood Label, PA 

Available CD Or Tape

String Picnic


1- Picture in a Tear
2- Wild Mountain Flowers for Mary
3- Matter of Time
4- Carolina State of Mind
5- Hold Fast to the Right
6- Is It True
7- Sold (Auctioneer Song)
8- Thunder Clouds of Love
9- In Love With You
10- String Picnic
11- I Believe in You Darling
12- Home is Where the Heart Is
13- Walk Away

Rosewood Label, PA

Available Tape only

Buzz & Pat's

1/2 Century of Favorite Banjo
(Special Effects)

1- Lady of Spain (Traditional)
2- Pathway of Teardrops (Traditional)
3- Help Me Make It Through the Night
4- Warped Drive (Buzz Matheson)
5- Old Spinning Wheel (Traditional)
6- Simpre (Traditional)
7- Patriotic 5 String (Buzz Matheson)
8- Swannee River (Traditional)
9- Last Date (Traditional)
10- Time Warp (Buzz Matheson)
11- Beautiful Morning (Buzz Matheson)
12- Music Box Dancer (Traditional)

By: Charles (Buzz) Matheson & Pat Matheson
Contact: Buzz Matheson
Phone: 330-637-8119

Available CD

Look Out for Big Foot

1- Carolina Dunes
2- Riding my Thumb to Mexico
3- Desert Storm
4- Tennessee Blues
5- Road to your Heart
6- Look Out for Big Foot
7- I'll Never Love Another
8- Rain Drop Waltz
9- Old Record
10- Cotton Jenny
11- Carolina Lonely
12- Boogie Grass Band

Rosewood Label, PA 

Available Tape Only

Thrill of the Whippoorwill


1- You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do
2- Thrill of the Whippoorwill
3- Swannee River
4- Who Needs You
5- Rosey by the River
6- He Loves Me Not
7- Lonesome Old Homesick Blues
8- River Rock
9- Music Box Dancer
10- Shake the Blues
11- The Rabbit Song

Rosewood Label, PA

Available Tape Only

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Contact: Buzz Matheson
Phone: 330-637-8119



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