Join us as we celebrate

pictures of our

"Family Pride"

Charlie Johnson, Buzz Matheson and the Dixie Mountaineers, 1959.

Left to Right: Red Davis, Buzz, Charlie Johnson
and Ray Pegg.


Picking in the studio...

Having a little "Family Pride" fun with the ATVs!




You can see that Buzz likes his Gibsons!

His wall of photos has a lot of great
bluegrass music memories on it!

Buzz has quite a nice collection of
great banjos and a nice mandolin as well.


You just can't believe it until you see it...
but Buzz has a banjo that actually has lights in it
and the fingerpicks conduct the current and
make the lights under the head light up as you pick it!
This is definately a show stopper!





Buzz has a very nice collection of old banjos...


1939 Gibson RB18 Top Tension

1935 Gibson Granada Flathead

1935 Gibson RB3 Flathead

White Lady Vega Frailing Banjo

and a

1923 Gibson Neck on a new pot/bottom

This is one very beautiful old banjo.

Epiphone Deluxe Banjo





"I got an earlier version of this recording several years ago at the Elizabeth Moose Lodge, when my sister Mollie, the O' Boys and I were sharing a gig with Mac, Buzz and the Dixie Travelers. Weeks later, when Jerry Douglas and I were driving to a bluegrass festival together, I popped it into the tape deck to give it a listen. Several times on the first listen, Jerry and I both yelled "yeah!" to no one in particular. I've since kept it in my permanent collection for lots of reasons. The singing and playing are adventurous and immediate and the style is so "right" - traditional, and newly-invigorated with plenty of close up personality. Look no further - this is in-your-face country/bluegrass duet singing in the footsteps of their masters. The tune selection along is worth a listen. People often try to slick up their recordings, but my favorite stuff is the kind that is honest, unforced and exciting. Mac and Buzz aren't trying to prove anything here, but ironically they prove a lot. That's why I like... I love... this music."

- Tim O'Brien - March, 1998

1. Darling, Do You Know Who Loves You 2:11
2. On the Old Kentucky Shore 3:44
3. Angels Watching over Me 2:03
4. I Can See that you're Living a Lie 2:37
5. New Memphis Blues 1:44
6. Childish Love 3:01
7. One: Teardrop and One Step Away 3:00
8. Jesus Will Save Your Soul 1:59
9. I've Always Been a Rambler 2:18
10. Bluegrass Stomp 1:39
11. Have No Desire To Roam 2:29
12. I Could Cry 2:40
13. The Old Chain Gang 2:19
14. I'll Just Pretend 3:38
15. Concinnati Rag 1:25
16. Emotions 2:54
17. Just When I Needed You 3:09
18. If Your See My Savior 2:30
19. Rose on God's Shore 2:18
20. Take my Ring Fron Your Finger 2:22
21. We Can't Be Darlings Any More 2:47


Buzz Matheson: mandolin, lead guitar, tenor and lead vocals

Mac Martin: rhythm guitar and lead vocals

Pat Matheson: bass fiddle


Recorded at Rosewood Studios, New Castle, PA


White Oak Records

P.O. Box 253 - Finleyville PA 15332


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